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Hello, I'm Guanqun.

Welcome to my world.

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Hello, I'm Guanqun, an English/Chinese interpreter employed by a public institution in Beijing.

Having explored over thirty countries across four continents, I’m eager to share snapshots of my travels on this website.

I also like creating new things. In 2007 I started to learn web development by launching this website. Now I run several online projects for fun.

Thank you for visiting my internet abode. Please feel free to send me a message on the bottom of this page.

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Qunlog is a showcase of my travel vlogs. Launched in 2016, the website features a collection of vlogs that I recorded during my visits to different parts of the world. The website provides access to the vlogs on both YouKu (Chinese mainland) and Youtube. (Chinese)

Reciyi, or literally "Buzzword Translation," is a free search engine for official English translations of Chinese government documents. The project also offers a "mini-program" on the WeChat app, allowing users to search on their fingertips.

Friends of Elephants (Chinese)

Friends of Elephants is a non-profit website I created in 2017 for advocating the protection of elephants. It collects articles and commercials urging the public to refuse purchase of ivory products and to reject elephant shows.

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